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Africa Organics Shop


100% natural, certified organic hair and body care products


Body Washes

These body washes use pH balanced, biodegradable foaming agents that are better for your skin and for the planet.
Your skin shouldn’t be stripped of its natural protection. Harsh surfactants can disrupt barrier function and disturb your skin’s microbiome.


Body Lotions

Organic oils and plant actives have been used in these products to nourish and hydrate your skin.
The oils are cold-pressed from organically grown seeds or nuts to feed your skin while ensuring that it isn’t polluted by synthetic chemicals.



Africa Organics shampoos use natural ingredients. This will give you an experience that is different from “normal” shampooing. You might notice that it does not foam as much as conventional shampoos but your hair feels amazing after using it. And you will notice that your hair grows healthier over time.


Conditioners & Treatments

These will feed your hair but as with the shampoos, the “feel-good” synthetics aren’t there. Your hair and the planet will be grateful for using these products. Natural oils are protecting your hair and make it grow healthier and stronger.

Africa Organics is Planet Friendly


Using these products helps to develop African rural areas and at the same time protect the nature. These products have been created planet friendly from start to finish. You can read more about the ethics behind creating these products here.

The main ingredients that have been used are carefully selected and use what nature has to offer. Product names reflect their main ingredient – Baobab, Marula, Kalahari Melon and Mongongo.